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The information provided may include technical data like layout plans, site plan, unit size, project status and completion dates etc. as also pictures/ photographs. Certain specifications as mentioned on the website such as stone etc. being natural materials have inherent characteristics of color and grain variation. In case of non-availability of any material, company reserves the right to use the material of similar quality. M3M is not responsible for development of any external infrastructure facilities, the responsibility for development of which lies with the concerned authorities. While M3M strives to ensure that the information is accurate and reasonable, M3M does not provide any express or implied warranty, representation or assurance regarding the accuracy or reliability of the information on the Website or in respect of any matter relating to the Website. Your reliance on the Website or any information on the Website is entirely Your own responsibility and risk and M3M assumes no responsibility and shall not in any way be liable in this regard.

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Some of the information may give an impression of forward looking statements even though they are not meant or intended to be so. Company intends to have further vertical expansion of the building/block in which the unit is located. Any person dealing with such information are required to undertake full & independent analysis and judgment thereof at their end. Anything mention on the website does not constitute investment, tax or legal advice of any kind whatsoever, nor should any information provided on the website be treated as any kind of offer or solicitation to purchase or sell any financial security or to purchase, sell or lease any other goods or services.

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Further, the contents are subject to terms as stated in (i) the Application Form and/or the Buyer’s Agreement; (ii) License No. 89 of 2010 dated 28.10.201 explicitly; license no.. 100 of 2010 dated 26.11.2010 vide Memo No. LC-1955- DS(R)-2010/16563 dated 26.11.2010 (renewed vide Memo No. LC-1955-PA(SN)/2015/16398 dated 31.08.2015), Licence No. 101 of 2010 dated 26.11.2010 vide Memo. No. LC-2347- DS(R)-2010/16546 dated 26.11.2010 (renewed vide Memo No. LC-2347- JE(S)-2015/9041 dated 03.06.2015), Licence No. 11 of 2011 dated 28.01.2011 vide Memo No. DS (R)-LC- 2478/2011/1347 dated 31.10.2011(renewed vide Memo No. LC-2478- JE(S)-2015/7216 dated 05.05.2015) and Licence No. 36 of 2013 dated 31.05.2013 vide Memo No. LC-1955- B-JE(S)- 2013/41753 dated 05.06.2013, wherever applicable and (iii) Building Plan Approval No. Memo no. ZP-693/JD(BS)/2012/18881 dated 21.09.2012 (revised vide Memo no.ZP-693/AD(RA)/2013/57062 dated 11.11.2013 and further revised vide Memo No. ZP-693/SD(BS)/2016/16/29 dated 03/08/2016); accorded by the Competent Authority in favour of M/s Martial Buildcon Private Limited. The Project developed on 2.9125 Acres (approx.) of land; is part of the larger commercial complex M3M Urbana developed on additional land ad-measuring 8.225 Acres. The Units hereinabove shall form part of the aforesaid development. Copies of approvals are available for inspection at Company’s office at Paras Twin Tower, Tower B, 6th Floor, Golf Course Road, Sector 54, Gurgaon, Haryana, India.

The Company also expressly disclaims any liability for any damage to Your computer equipment or other property as You access or browse this Website or download material from the Website, including without limitation any damage arising from any virus, worm or other malicious code that may infect Your computer equipment limitation any damage arising from any virus, worm or other malicious code that may infect Your computer equipment.

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Presently, the project land and receivables thereof have been mortgaged in favour of ICICI Bank Ltd. ICICI Bank Ltd shall have first charge/lien upon the unit(s)/ tower/ project/ project land. The Company shall obtain, from ICICI Bank Ltd. (i)No Objection Certificate, for the respective unit(s), before the execution of the Buyer’s Agreement; (ii) Permission to Mortgage in the event the customer wishes to avail finance for the unit(s). However, the unit(s) shall be free from encumbrance at the time of execution of the Conveyance Deed for the respective unit(s).

References in this website to any products, events or services do not necessarily constitute or imply M3M’s endorsement or recommendation of them. To the fullest extent permitted by law, no warranty of any kind, implied, express or statutory, including but not limited to the warranties of title, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, etc., is given by M3M nor any of their respective principals, directors, officers, employees, agents or representatives in respect of this website or the information, materials, products or resources included in this website. M3M does not warrant the accuracy, adequacy or completeness of the Information provided on this website and expressly disclaims liability for any errors or omissions that may be contained in the posted Information or any other material contained in this website.

*This property is mortgaged with ICICI Bank Ltd. NOC for sale of flats / property will be provided as and when required.

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